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Meet Your Coaches!

All of your coaches have their BAI (Basic Archery Instruction) certification to coach NASP.

Clay and Carrie Vesel



Clay and Carrie took their BAI certification to help get the archery program get started in September 2013. Their passion for bow hunting, along with showing youth the great outdoors is huge! The Vesel’s decided to follow their, or more so Clay’s, dream to move up north in August 2013. They enjoy navigating trails on ATVs, fishing, camping, and installing in their two girls, Rylee and Kendal, a passion for the outdoors. The Vesel’s love watching the team and individual archers’ progress throughout the season.

Matt Sluis



Matt’s interest in bow hunting increased a few years ago. After one of his daughters became interest in archery, he decided to get his BAI certification to help coach. Matt and his wife have 4 daughters, who all enjoy shooting at home and at tournaments. Matt enjoys watching the kids gain new knowledge and have fun in the sport.

Mike and Crystal Kuseske



Mike has been an avid bow hunter for over 20 years. Mike's interest in NASP grew when his daughter Jaiden attended the Archery summer camp. Since then he has been involved at tournaments with his kids, Jaiden and Preston. Mike and his wife, Crystal,are now coaching and looking forward to many more years involved with the program.

Abby Mott



Abby comes from a family very involved and passionate about hunting. She became interested in NASP when her sons Benjamin and Wyatt began shooting through the Milaca school program. Abby loves the outdoors and is excited to help with the team, instilling skills that can be used lifelong -whether through competitive sport or hobby. Abby received her BAI in 2018.

Justin and Diana Klages



Justin and Diana took interest in NASP Archery last year and since then fallen in love with the sport. Justin is an avid hunter with both bow and rifle. All of the family bow fishes and they have a team that travels all around the state and out of state competing. All of the family enjoys hunting and fishing, just being outdoors as much as possible. Both Justin and Diana received their BAI Certifications in October of 2019. This is their first year coaching and both are excited to watch the Milaca program grow.

Mike and Teri Ann Miedema



Mike and Teri Ann became interested in the NASP program in 2018 when their daughters participated in the school program. They fell in love with the archery program and all the values that stood behind this life sport. Mike has hunted for as long as he can remember. Both Teri Ann and Mike love the great outdoors! They became BAI certified this year and are excited to begin their coaching jorney.

Curt and Ashley Wojciechowski



This is my fourth year involved with Milaca archery, & my third year coaching. I'm proud to assist with the Milaca archery program. I enjoy hunting, fishing & sports of all kinds. I have three of my children in archery and enjoy teaching the youth at all levels of competition.

Juleen Shuster



Juleen’s interest in the NASP program started in 2019 when her son joined the Milaca archery team. What intrigued her the most about archery was that these youth were developing calm and disciplined focus, as well as lifelong skills. She started coaching last year.  Juleen enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with her family. She looks forward to seeing the kids become more confident and showing pride in their accomplishments!

Nick Meixell

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